Common Types of Auto Body Damage


Common Types of Auto Body DamageVehicles that are regularly exposed to the elements, see many miles or spend their days in crowded parking lots, are subject to a lot of potential damage. Luckily, most damage can be repaired in a fairly straightforward manner, but the repairs all depend on the type of issue at hand. These are the common types of auto body damage and the general techniques that are used to repair them.

Dings and Dents

So you suffered a run in with a shopping cart or a fire hydrant, well don't sweat it too hard. While it may look ugly now, a trip to the auto body repair shop will have it all straightened out, literally. There are couple of ways a dent can be pulled. If the paint appears to have survived then paintless dent removal can be performed by pushing and tapping the dent out from the backside. Dents that did cause paint damage or very large dents may require an auto body technician to drill a small hole and insert a tool to pull the dent out. The hole is then filled and painted over using matching paint. In some instances a new door, bumper or panel may just need to be replaced.

Paint Scratches

Scratches can be caused by almost anything rubbing too hard up against your vehicle. Using rubbing compounds, small scratches that are not deep in the paint can often be buffed out. Bigger scratches may require a small amount of body filler and fresh paint, utilizing color match technology.

Weather Related Damage

Sun, snow, hail and rain are a car's natural enemy. Excessive moisture can cause vehicles to rust away, while the sun's UV rays can fade and damage paint fairly quickly. The damage may only appear in certain parts of your car and can be repaired by sanding and repainting the affected area. If the rust has caused holes in your vehicle it may be necessary to cut out the damaged panels and replace them with new metal. Hail damage may require hours of paintless dent removal.

Collision Damage

Then of course there is damage that is the result of car crashes. Vehicles colliding even at slow speeds can cause major damage, including to the frame. Depending on the type of damage there may be several techniques used to return your vehicle to it's showroom condition. High tech frame straightening tools will restore your vehicle's frame to factory specifications, ensuring a safe and reliable ride.

Accidents happen, but it doesn't have to look like they did. If you find yourself needing professional auto body repair in Atlanta head to Budget Auto Painting in Chamblee. Our team is highly skilled at conducting all types of auto body repair. To learn more or to request an estimate for collision repair in Atlanta give our friendly team a call at (404) 620-5001.

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