Expert Custom Paint Jobs


Expert Custom Paint JobsYour car or truck doesn't have to take on a similar appearance to most other vehicles on the road. After all, you are your own person and your ride is an extension of you character. Whether you're interested in something outrageously flamboyant or would prefer something more elegant, a custom paint job is a great way to create a unique look for your car, truck or SUV. Here's a look at five kinds of custom paint jobs to get you thinking about what to do to your vehicle.


Flames are an excellent choice for many hot rods and other classic rides. Whether you want ones that are bright orange or prefer the more subtle "ghost flames," you'll want to be sure to entrust the work to a reputable specialist for this hot look.

Racing Stripes

There are many different ways to arrange these. A familiar style is two thick stripes running down the center length of your vehicle. This is a look that has gained popularity with some drivers of Mustangs.


This sleek paint job seamlessly transitions one color into another one. It works both front to back and top to bottom.

Air Brushing

This is a great option for creating dazzling company logos on your fleet vehicles. If you want your service trucks and vans to grab the public's attention, then this is a method that is certainly worth considering.

Metallic Paint

To give your vehicle some serious sparkle, metallic paint is a great option. This is an excellent choice for show cars.

There is no limit to how a car's finish can be completed. If you're interested in custom auto painting in Atlanta reach out to Budget Auto Painting. Our auto painting team is highly skilled at many different styles of painting! To request a quote for auto painting in Atlanta call our team at (404) 620-5001 today.

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